Bridal Makeup In India

Bridal Makeup In India

A short search on Instagram for #bridalmakeup will provide you with more than 14 million results, with artists displaying their intricate makeup talent and skills. Makeup is something that every beauty influencer is doing. Even celebrities are trying new makeup and themes and inspiring their followers to try them. Without a doubt, that’s all the inspiration you’ll need for your wedding makeup.

Appearing attractive on her big day is something that every bride wishes for. As wedding happens once-in-a-lifetime, no bride can compromise with her look. Every woman wants to appear like a diva on her wedding day. Professional makeup artists are like magicians, covering all your flaws and transforming you into a beautiful bride. Hiring a well-known makeup artist for your wedding ceremonies and wedding day is unquestionably a sensible decision.

Different Types Of Makeup Artists 

Makeup has been a part of human culture for ages. The wedding industry is an extremely profitable industry for makeup artists. Professional makeup artists have acquired the talent of subtly transforming physical features with the application of cosmetics. One will need to work one-on-one with brides to develop one’s skills and experience. Here is the list of types of makeup artists –

Airbrush Makeup Artists

Airbrush makeup is the process of applying cosmetics with airbrush rather than traditional makeup tools like brushes and sponges. Airbrush makeup artists spend months polishing their skills in order to achieve a flawless and smooth makeup look. These days airbrush makeup is in demand among brides because it is long-lasting and delivers glamorous results. An airbrush makeup artist with rich expertise can provide amazing natural makeup results to you.

Party Makeup Artists

Party makeup artists can transform you into a dazzling diva for parties, events, engagements, receptions and weddings. From hairdos to saree draping, they handle everything and provide you with a complete look. It’s your choice, what kind of makeup do you want to choose for the event, is it subtle or shiny? Whatever the makeup you want, party makeup artists can easily ace it.

Fashion Makeup Artists

Makeup artists who provide makeup services to models and celebrities are fashion makeup artists. Whether working behind the scenes on the runway or providing touch-ups for magazine photographers, their knowledge of current fashion is amazing. To imitate a specific “look,” artists who thrive in this discipline are exceptionally imaginative and edgy. If you want a minimal yet trendy look for a special event, you can contact a fashion makeup artist.

Most Discussed Makeup Artists For Wedding Makeup

Leena Bhushan

Leena Bhushan has recently garnered a lot of attention on social media for her bridal makeup. All the brides she has dolled up give us real bride goals. Rather than creating a phony artificial look, she believes in bringing out your natural beauty. Leena is well-known for her exceptional expertise in bringing out women’s natural beauty via cosmetics.

Parul Garg

Parul Garg is a Gurgaon-based renowned celebrity makeup artist. She currently owns and operates a full-fledged salon and academy. She is an expert in airbrush makeup and completes over 500 airbrush makeups each year! Parul specializes in various types of styles and cosmetics, but her major focus is on bridal makeup. Her brides have a distinct style that sets them apart from other brides.

 Gomit Chopra

Gomit Chopra, whose name is renowned in the world of fashion and cosmetics, is a source of inspiration among beauty enthusiasts. He is the founder and CEO of the Gomit Chopra Salon, Studio, and Academy. He is also the Founder and Director of Beauty Scoop India, India’s fastest-growing network for beauty and fashion fans to connect. Currently, he has 63.9k active Instagram followers. Gomit Chopra has established himself as India’s most acclaimed and well-known makeup artist.

 Guneet Virdi

Guneet Virdi is a celebrity makeup artist in Delhi with great skill and understanding. She studied cosmetics at the London College Of Makeup and received a Dermalogica skincare certification. She creates a flawless wedding look with a magical stroke of her expert hands. She offers customized cosmetic solutions based on your skin tone and type to give you a look that complements the theme of the event perfectly. She experiments with different colours, textures, and brushes to create a variety of appearances ranging from conventional to subtle to modern to natural.

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