Best Indian Bridal Attires

Best Indian Bridal Attires

The Best Indian Bridal Attire Trends You Can Try

Hey beautiful bride-to-be! Are you looking for that perfect fairy tale Lehenga with the melange of modernity and culture for your wedding? Every season brings a new style with it and 2022 is going to be a year of trends and fashion. It’s the arrival of 2022 and your wedding outfit should be very modern and up-to-date. All eyes are going to be on you on your wedding day. So, here we present a list of the best Indian bridal attire trends that you must try this wedding season and be called the Trendiest Bride of the Year among your friends, family members, and relatives.

Boho Bride Attire

This is for the free spirit brides who want to try something unique, contemporary, and traditional. There is a wide range of Lehengas with quirky colours, designs, and patterns. Be a playful bride with light smoky makeup and heavy jewellery.

Gold Lehengas

Light gold is going to look fantastic since it’s a colour that can be worn from the wedding to the afterparty. There will be just two or three events instead of the dozen we typically have at our weddings, so gold is a modern, terrific, adaptable option.

Light pastels

Instead of the customary red, modern ladies aren’t scared to follow their hearts and choose a new colour palette! The pastel colour trend is expected to continue this year, according to designers. Pastel lehengas have been all the rage for the past few years, and we know they’re here to stay. Dusty pink, lilac, seafoam, or baby blue are the safest colours for a bride to choose from when it comes to lehenga designs.

The Evergreen Saree

Sarees are experiencing a resurgence among the younger population, as witnessed last year. They’ve taken the most famous and traditional Indian attire and put their own touch on it. This year’s wedding season will be no exception. Sarees are becoming increasingly popular as wedding attire. They not only emanate elegance, but they also exude newlywed sentiments like no other ensemble. A bride who wants to stay close to her roots and still wants to look modern must go for a traditional look with an evergreen saree.

Hybrid Silhouettes

It creates a lovely mix of India and the West when traditional silhouettes smoothly merge in with contemporary trends. Hybrid silhouettes are not only lovely and graceful, but they also make a statement about Indian culture and design.

Double Dupattas

Are you a big lover of dupattas and want to make them the focal point of your outfit? If that’s the case, then this trend is for you! Of course, the double dupatta trend is not only fashionable but also really exquisite. The double dupatta trend started by Sabyasachi isn’t going away anytime soon. Choose two dupattas, one heavy and the other lighter. You may play with the colours of the dupatta and choose one that contrasts with the pallu or opt for a monochromatic pattern for a more beautiful and refined look.

Red Is Always In Trend

The red bridal lehenga attracts the attention of every bride. The colour red denotes a variety of things like positivity and auspiciousness. In Indian tradition, the red wedding lehenga symbolizes powerful emotions such as love and is considered an auspicious choice for the bride. Try red embroidered Lehenga or Saree for an accentuated bridal look.

These are the latest bridal attire trends that you must follow to be the trendy bride. Make sure to check all the trending designs before you make a purchase! Cheers!

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