Bride Braid Accessories

Bride Braid Accessories

Best Braids Accessories For Brides

A bridal hairdo is incomplete without the right accessory. The first few names that come to our mind when we think of bridal hair accessories are a Maangtikka or a Mathapatti. Then there’s a Passa, of course. If the bride is choosing a bun, don’t forget the flower pins or chains. One of the most famous bridal hairdos is Juda Choti. Some brides put their confidence in flowers, while others are always on the search for something special that would set them apart from others. So, here we offer some wonderful bridal hair accessories that will sit like a crown on your braid (Choti).


Rakodis are hair rings worn proudly by Indian brides. Rakodis are an integral part of bridal hair accessories, especially in South India. These rings were traditionally made with precious and semi-precious stones such as ruby, emerald, polka, and Kundan. These are ideal for both braids and buns.

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Enhance the look of your braid by accessorizing it with Gajra. You can choose a criss-cross pattern all over the braid. Simply ensure that the Gajra strands are thick and made up of numerous flowers, since single flower thin threads will not bring the desired look. You can also choose pastel coloured flowers to complement the white Mogra flowers.

Pearl Pins

If you want to go for an intricate braid for your wedding hairdo, then go for a pearly hair accessory. For a statement look, go for oversized pearl pins or a mix of small and big pearls. Pastel outfits with pearl hairpins make a delicate, simple, and yet so breathtaking combination.

Hair pin accessories
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Dainty Embellishments

Nothing could have been better for a bride’s dazzling ensemble than a fishtail braid embellished with baby’s breath. To get a minimalist yet modern braid, apply the baby’s breath on it.

Stick to this list while shopping for hair accessories or speaking with your hairstylist! Any accessory that you choose from the list would undoubtedly make you look stunning on your D-Day.

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Bridal Hair bands
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