Guide To Highlight Your Hair Before Wedding

Guide To Highlight Your Hair Before Wedding

Guide To Highlight Your Hair Before Wedding.

Just like your skin, Your hair also plays a major role in your overall appearance. With perfect makeup, perfect hair is also very important. Nothing can make a bigger impact on your appearance than perfectly coloured hair. If your hair is seriously damaged, it may take a year to restore it to a beautiful, perfect, and healthy state. Hair should be coloured after restoration for the best results. If your hair is in good shape and condition, it can be coloured right before 3-4 months from your wedding day.

Latest Hair Colour Trends

Reds and golds have dominated the wedding scene for years when it comes to bridal colours and themes. However, the trend is shifting, with more neutral and pastel tones making inroads into millennial weddings. Your wedding day is the one day when you want to appear like yourself. You don’t want to have regrets about your hair colour or style in a few years. That’s why experts advise against making any colour changes that go with your attire and makeup. Light Brown, Ash Brown, caramel, Golden Ombre, Chestnut Brown, Wine and Brown+ Blonde are some colours you can try on your hair for your wedding.

Hair Highlighting Tips From Experts

Start Coloring 6 Months Prior

It takes two lengthy visits to acquire that perfect blonde and depending on the hue you desire, you’ll need two to four appointments before your wedding. Start six months ahead of time, then return two months later, two months after that, and so on, until you’ve achieved the desired colour by the time the wedding arrives.

l Take Care Of Your Hair

Even if you’re not making a radical shift, a nourishing hair mask should be a regular component of your regimen to maintain your hair health. This will make the colouring procedure a lot easier, and your hair will also look fantastic on your wedding day. When you use the appropriate products on your hair, it will look its best. Inquire about post-colour hair care, such as which hair care products you should use.

 Get Your Hair Trimmed

We understand that you want those longer layers to achieve your Pinterest hair updo fantasies, but the truth is that if your hair doesn’t receive frequent trims, it will never reach the length you desire. If you don’t cut the split ends off, the split will spread farther up the hair shaft. So, get your hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks for voluminous hair.

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