How to get a darker henna stain?

How to get a darker henna stain?

How to get a darker henna stain?

The bride’s Mehendi colour, according to some, is a clear indication of her husband’s affection and love for her. While this may just be a misconception, it is true that intricate patterns of Mehendi appear beautifully when the henna stain is dark red. The quality of Mehendi also plays a major role in giving your palms a darker stain. Apart from that, there are some natural ways to get a darker henna stain.

Hacks To Darken Your Mehendi Stain

1. Wash your hand properly before Mehendi application

2. Bask your palms over the fumes of cloves

3. Zandu Balm or Vicks to darken Mehendi stain

4. Let your Mehendi dry naturally

5. Put the mixture of lemon and sugar

6. Apply Eucalyptus oil before Mehendi application

7. Avoid putting your hands in water as long as you can

8. Avoid waxing after applying Mehendi

9. Wrap the area with a cling wrap to trap the heat and darken the stain

10. Apply mustard oil after removing your henna

Mehendi is an herb that can help a person relax. While weddings are a joyous time for the families involved, they can also be stressful. The use of Mehendi calms the nerves and helps you avoid headaches and fever. It’s also sometimes blended with eucalyptus oil and lemon, which assist to deepen the henna’s colour while also providing therapeutic benefits! Its use has been known for a long time, and as a result, it is always a part of most Indian festivals and events!

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