Pandemic Weddings

Pandemic Weddings

The phrase from the classic Bollywood film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ “Marriages will continue to take place despite recession or inflation” may not ring true in 2022, because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has ruined the wedding market throughout the world. The COVID-19 epidemic has wreaked havoc on practically every business throughout the world, and the $50 billion Indian wedding industry has now come to a standstill. The wedding industry is facing a loss, with a yellow notice being issued in Delhi due to an increase in COVID-19 cases every day. Because the Delhi government only permits 20 guests at weddings, many couples are canceling their reservations, placing the industry in a bind.

Potential problems faced by vendors

The Big Fat Indian Wedding craze faded away, and couples are planning their weddings in the comfort of their own homes with a small group of family members. If we talk about Delhi, which is one of the most badly affected cities by Covid, people are moving their wedding sites to the neighboring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, where gatherings with a larger number of guests were permitted. But this is causing a loss to the owners of wedding venues.

Unemployment is high in this country and especially for those who are unskilled. But service stewards/waiters, band wallas, Mehendi wallas, vegetable and fruit vendors, sundry items suppliers, florists and their laborers, event staff, musicians, electricians, tailoring staff, catering staff, and kitchen staff are among the unskilled and semi-skilled labours employed by the wedding industry. All of the workers who were summoned back after the second wave has resurfaced. This situation is increasing unemployment in our native. Asserting that Covid has “become a part of life,” with a new strain or version of the virus emerging every couple of months, we believe that closing down sectors is not the best way to deal with it and that if the economy suffers, the infrastructure to combat it would suffer as well.

How to plan a wedding during Covid?

Some couples are rescheduling their wedding due to Covid restriction, but some couples can’t cancel or reschedule their wedding as everything has already been planned and booked. For them, we would like to share certain tips.

1. Ask guests to only come if they are fully vaccinated.

2. Make temperature checks, masks & gloves, and sanitization mandatory

3. Plan your wedding in a spacious area, better if you make the arrangements outdoor.

4. To prevent your guests from congregating at your event, divide timings for guests.

5. Adopt socially-distanced seats

During the lockdown, numerous couples have come up with inventive methods to keep their wedding dates and have had their ceremonies in the comfort of their own homes. When it comes to postponing their wedding day, many couples are being flexible, with some deciding to move their wedding celebrations to a different day of the week. Some couples may consider organizing a mini wedding or an intimate wedding celebration with a smaller guest list as a result of the unpredictability of social-distancing limitations being lifted. A shift wedding is also a good idea for couples who want to keep their guest list as big as possible, allowing them to celebrate with all of their loved ones in the same way they intended, but in shifts.

Fews things to take care of to avoid losses from both sides-

Keep the booking amount minimum

Discuss the terms and conditions of bookings before the making the booking amount

Discuss cancelletion policy

If your booking is getting cancelled in any matters and even if vendor is returning your booking amount, Try not to take full booking amount as for vendors who have only one booking per day they will be in big loss or maybe you can book them again for rescheduled functions.

Shaadi Affair`s message is for clients and vendors comes to an understanding where both shouldn`t bear any heavy loss.

Lets hope this panademic situation go aways soon! Stay safe and Happy Cheers!