Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

Reasons to go for a winter wedding.

Marriage intertwines two souls forever, so it should be special and completely hassle-free. Many couples favor spring and late summer/early fall months for weddings but forget the magic of winter for weddings. Winter weddings are refreshing for guests too. A winter wedding has a distinct allure for a variety of reasons. Who wouldn’t prefer a winter wedding with no suffocation, sweating, no heatwaves, and no need for air conditioning? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why winter weddings are increasingly popular.

  1.  Bride and groom have options of wearing heavy attires and jewellery.
  2.  Bride’s makeup is not going to wash away, after all, winter and makeup are best friends.
  3.  Foods and dishes remain fresh for a longer period of time.
  4.  Can set up Mandap in the daytime and save on electricity. Wedding pictures shot during the daytime are bright, colorful and stunning.
  5.  Dance as much as you want without worrying about sweating and fatigue.
  6.  More venue dates and venues are available at better rates.
  7.  Your guests won’t be slammed with wedding invites.
  8.  You can do all the cute winter wedding things.
  9.  Plan a honeymoon either on the pristine beaches of Goa or the hills of Srinagar.
  10.  Variety of food options from Gajar Ka Halwa to Sarso Ka Saag.
  11.  Alcohol and coffee become cozy drinks.
  12.  Some seriously pretty flowers are found only in the winter season so your decoration is going to be unique.

Some people seriously can’t deal with the summer heat. For them, a winter wedding is an ultimate choice. If you are also planning your wedding, then make sure to go for a winter wedding to make it unique in every way. Winter is associated with romantic nights and colorful days. Why not make this time of the year special by marrying the love of your life.

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